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Protecting Queuers in the New Normal.

The British are good at waiting in line, and with customers socially distancing, orderly queuing has become part of the ‘new normal’. It has helped retailers, banks, restaurants, health centres, and all public venues to manage footfall and maintain social distancing.

But what happens when the weather turns? When temperatures drop or the rain is coming down, customers may be less inclined to wait stoically in line.

And what about the more vulnerable or elderly in our communities, or indeed key workers, who can ill afford to catch a cold?

To protect people from the elements, we have created the Q System – it provides shelter from the elements without compromising COVID-19 safety measures.

Fully Bespoke

The guards, which are 1.5 metres long, can be arranged into separate blocks or joined together to form a single tunnel. We’ve focused on creating a robust and lightweight solution that can be wheeled into various positions depending on the site. They can be easily transferred back to overnight storage to prevent damage or vandalism and can also be dismantled for longer storage when the sun comes out and they aren’t needed for a while.

Company branding can also be added to the Q System to fit any customer-facing establishment.

Each guard is 1.5m long, 1m wide and 2.1m high.