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We design, manufacture and install bespoke custom housing which creates visually aesthetic, harmonious vending areas that greatly drive sales and consumer engagement

Vending machines vary greatly in size and style. It’s commonplace to find several vending machines in a public space or large workplace – a hot beverage machine, a cold beverage machine, impulse food machine and in some cases catering equipment.

Placed side by side, these machines will often look disjointed and untidy. Our vending housing is a great way to unite these machines together into a unit that looks aesthetically pleasing and drives far greater sales.

”Vending has never looked better thanks to Regency”



Creative designs, robust construction and precision installation will ensure that your vending areas will be a focal point.

We’ve been the market leader in designing and manufacturing vending surrounds and housing for over 25 years. Our bespoke service allows us to design and manufacture these products to your exact specification and requirements. We can support you by presenting technical drawings, 2D &3D visuals, and AR & VR visualisations for your approval before any production starts.

We’ve a range of specialist equipment that makes the process very efficient to ensure you’re receiving simply the best service within the industry.

Our vending surrounds and housing units are a great way to change the entire look of an area or machine which greatly increases consumer engagement and drives sales growth. We have comprehensive data to support this.

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Regency offer a comprehensive list of service to offer you a complete 360 solution. Get in touch to find out more.