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Touchless hand sanitising, keeping it clean

All public spaces, whether it’s a healthcare setting, retail, commercial or business premises, will need to provide sanitation procedures and areas to help protect those coming and going, and using the space.

If you are investing in hand sanitiser for workers or customers let it be an automated unit that doesn’t become another contaminated surface that spreads germs.

Our countertop and floor-standing automatic hand sanitiser dispensing stations are made from premium quality components. The mild steel makes them lightweight, yet robust and sturdy – and very easy to clean.

With a registered counter lever design, they have a small footprint making them easy to position at entrances/exits or reception desks, or close to common touchpoints.

The battery-operated dispensers are refillable and lockable. And the automated dispense means measured dispensing with 1.5ml of sanitiser per hand detected to provide enough sanitising and keep the costs of the sanitiser under control.

Hand hygiene is here to stay but it doesn’t have to look out of place.

Within days we had repurposed our design, production and manufacturing into producing tens of thousands of REUSABLE Cat 1 Face Visors to meet some of the shortfall in PPE that was leaving our healthcare workers exposed.

Our designers also put their focus into developing well designed, functional products that will help to protect people from Covid-19 and other contagious infections which look set to become part of our daily lives. Especially in the key area of hand hygiene. So, we are on a mission to provide a range of hand sanitising solutions which will help businesses keep their employees, customer and visitors safe and hopefully help us all in the fight against all infections.

We truly do believe that in order to navigate the immense challenges ahead we must innovate more than ever before.