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Regency reimagines the future with PPE manufacturing.

It’s not business as usual at Regency, it’s business as UNusual!

We’re an award-winning UK manufacturing and production specialist with a dynamic product and engineering design studio creating a wide range of branded material across a multitude of disciplines, ranging from POS, POP, Large Format Print, and bespoke housing solutions.

We are INSTINCTIVE creative problem solvers normally producing a wide range of branded material, working and collaborating with some of the largest brands and retailers in the UK and Europe for over 30 years.

But as the pandemic hit and the UK went into lockdown we had to REIMAGINE the future.

We knew that we could help.

Within days we had repurposed our design, production and manufacturing into producing tens of thousands of REUSABLE Cat 1 Face Visors to meet some of the shortfall in PPE that was leaving our healthcare workers exposed.

Our designers also put their focus into developing well designed, functional products that will help to protect people from Covid-19 and other contagious infections which look set to become part of our daily lives. Especially in the key area of hand hygiene. So, we are on a mission to provide a range of hand sanitising solutions which will help businesses keep their employees, customer and visitors safe and hopefully help us all in the fight against all infections.

We truly do believe that in order to navigate the immense challenges ahead we must innovate more than ever before.