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In the digital era, physical point of sale has the potential to stand out more than ever before.

At Regency we’re true Point of Sale specialists. All of our products and solutions are designed to drive both the volume and value of your sales. We believe that innovative, high quality and visually aesthetic point of sale can do powerful things for your brand and supercharge your product sales. And what’s more, in the digital era,

physical point of sale has the potential to stand out more than ever before. We’ve tried and tested almost every solution in the market and can confidently recommend products that not only look great but sell lots of product. Our solutions enable global brands to promote their products, increasing visibility and engaging with consumers.

”Market leader of bespoke high-quality solutions and products for over 30 years”


We design, manufacture and install everything you need.

We’re proud to say that we’ve the capabilities and facilities across our sites in Godstone to make all the point-of-sale, visual merchandising and retail displays that we create during the design process.

Our team of skilled craftsmen make bespoke products from a wide variety of materials, including metal, plastic and wood. Vacuum forming, injectionmoulding, drape moulding, laser cutting, and powder coating are just some of the techniques utilised to give you a high-quality end product thatstrikes the right balance between aesthetics, functionality and durability. We even do vehicle graphics and installation.

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Regency offer a comprehensive list of service to offer you a complete 360 solution. Get in touch to find out more.