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We embrace the very latest technologies and concentrate on the seamless integration of digital and physical engagements.

Dedicated to the evolution of digital interaction, our creative studio works to combine cutting edge experiential technology with creative innovation and forward-thinking. We deliver bespoke digital applications and projects that rewrite what’s possible in terms of immersive user experiences.

Specialising in Augmented Reality (AR) development and Virtual Reality (VR) experience creation, 3D simulations and visualisations, mobile apps and high impact digital activations, we invite you to explore our world of digital opportunity and experience for yourself the possibilities that exist with Regency.

”The heart and soul of Regency is creativity and innovation”


Regency offers Virtual Reality (VR) omnichannel visualisation and creation solutions for Brands, Retailers and Manufacturers.

Virtual reality delivers a user experience unlike any other. With Regency VR, you’ve got the opportunity to transcend physical environments and experience your design, product or branded room in a digital world before production. One that’s been created to be rich and interactive, immersive and unforgettable. It’s our intention to use virtual reality as a worthwhile and cost-efficient added value solution and offering.

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Web – 3D configuration & 360’ visualisation..
Mobile – Mobile ‘in-field’ marketing and sales visualisers.
VR Showroom – In-store 3D configuration & VR visualisation.


Regency offers augmented reality to visualise products virtually in the real-world environment before production and purchase.

Augmented reality (AR) provides a change of perspective. One that expands the parameters of real-world environments, enhances objects and brings to life physical spaces through the presentation of interactive digital content to a user via their smart phone or tablet device.

One of the biggest ways AR will benefit our clients is by offering the opportunity to see the designed products in location before purchase. If you had the option of seeing the product to size and scale in location before purchasing, or purchasing from another company without knowing how it would look in situ, which would you choose?

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Mobile & Tablet – Mobile ‘in-field’ marketing and sales visualisers.
Catalogue & Product Building
White Label Bespoke App


We’re passionate about integrating interactive digital experiences within our products and services.

Digital experiences are the colloquial term for websites, apps, games and other digital channels all working together to deliver the best possible user experience for the consumer. This is an exciting world of emerging technologies, innovative ways of thinking and a fresh approach to managing, delivering, optimising, and analysing experiences across every consumer touchpoint.

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Regency offer a comprehensive list of service to offer you a complete 360 solution. Get in touch to find out more.