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Keep your distance

Whilst we are out of our homes, keeping a sensible distance from people is key to protecting ourselves and others. Social distancing is critical in the fight against the spread of Covid-19, and it’s a policy that’s likely to be in existence for some time. So reminding people of social distancing and showing them where to stand is a positive way to help protect employees and customers alike.

Floor graphics provide a visible marker to allow a safe distance to be maintained and can deliver basic information or instruction when it is required. They can be used for any situation where a queue of people is likely to form or where you need to give direction or reminders of a new system in place.

Designed for you

Our floor graphics are fully customisable with bespoke instructions or messaging and branding options or colourful graphics, allowing them to be used in any shop, warehouse or public space.

The floor graphics are easy to apply as well as hard wearing and 100% compostable, making them convenient for both indoor and outdoor use with no harmful impact on the environment.

Our floor graphics are UK manufactured and CE marked.