Are you seeking innovative ways to display your products successfully, within a competitive market ?


Regency is in business to create exceptionally high quality printed material, to meet your branding needs right where it matters, at the point of sale.


Regency’s clients are brand driven and range from Manufacturers and Advertising Agencies to Consumer Retailers and from Automotive suppliers to Food and Beverage businesses.


All our clients choose Regency for innovation, quality and customer service.


If you are seeking a company to discuss design and print ideas for your Point of Sale campaign, then contact Regency.


The experience shared by Regency’s team is vast. All types of POS work is handled daily from advertising banners and stickers to sophisticated displays. Regency will provide the design concepts, choices of materials and print formats to help make your campaign a success.


Gantry work, back lit printed panels, animated POS or 3D imagery utilising Lenticular materials or Vacuum forming techniques are all possible with Regency.


Regency’s design studio can produce virtual or physical prototypes, before production runs are launched and both digital and screen print options are available In House.


Our team is available to respond swiftly to design changes and is capable of delivering for POS launches and high profile campaigns.


The key is Regency’s quality and service, which you will find invaluable.


As a brand owner, you want your product’s unique qualities projected successfully to retain consumer recognition, trust and loyalty. You also seek to set your products apart from others in the same market place.


Regency helps you achieve this aim, by providing you with the quality of design and print necessary to maintain the “Look and Feel” right to your customer.


You may be a “Mega brand” or “Brand new”. At Regency we recognise all our clients wish to present their brands to the consumer, in the best visual manner possible.


To achieve this we work with computer based modelling and link systems to Clients, Agencies and Machine Manufacturers. In this way production of button decals through to large panels, is carried out efficiently.


Virtual machine branding, pilot projects, digital proofs, short runs or volume work with stunning screen print quality; this is all possible with Regency Design and Print.


New machine launch ? or are you planning to re-brand ? Regency is ready to help.


Regency excels in the field of on-machine printed material, for the vending industry and we are now established as the benchmark for quality in this market.